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Title: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D. C.
Author: B. S. Reynolds Co.

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Author: B. S. Reynolds Co.
Title: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D. C.
Archive: George Mason University
Collection name: Professor Randolph H. Lytton Post Card Collection
Document location: Lincoln Memorial Folder
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Publisher: B. S. Reynolds Co.

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Description: The Lincoln Memorial, modeled after a classic Greek Temple, is situated on an eminence in Potomac Park on the banks of the Potomac River. It is a monumental marble structure and a worthy and fitting memorial to Abraham Lincoln. Statue of Lincoln (by Daniel French) is in the center of memorial, while smaller halls at each side of central space contain Second Inaugural and Gettysburg addresses. Surrounding the walls in casing these memorials is a colonnade of 36 columns for each of the 36 States in the Union at the time of Lincoln's death. Immediately in front of the Memorial is a large reflecting pool, the placid waters of which mirror the classic lines of this beautiful Temple and the Washington Monument.

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