Union Station

Discussion Questions

1. How does the triumphal arch as a modern entranceway to Washington, D.C. mirror its use in ancient Rome?

2. How does the large number of people gathered in Union Station reflect the activity in ancient Roman baths?

3. Why did Roman emperors construct triumphal arches? Compare and contrast the arches of Titus and Constantine in the ancient Roman forum with the modern Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Why did each of the above merit a triumphal arch?

4. Find other modern examples of triumphal arches, and discover why they were built.

5. Who built public baths, and what social functions did they serve in ancient Rome, and in the provinces? How did the design of the baths enhance their purpose?

6. Why do we find a modern city in Great Britain called Bath? How does its ancient history blend with its importance in modern times? Look into the use of the public baths in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, or other springs frequented throughout history. What was the importance of each?

7. Who were Vesta, Thales, Themis, Apollo, Ceres and Archimedes in ancient times, and what was their function in Greco-Roman society? How do you think that they represent their respective modern associations?