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Title: Patent Certificate for Apartment Houses
Author: Robertson, Thomas E.; Law Examiner {cannot read signature}
Date: 11/09/1926

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Author: Robertson, Thomas E.; Law Examiner {cannot read signature}
Title: Patent Certificate for Apartment Houses
Date: 11/09/1926
Archive: Special Collections, Gelman Library, George Washington University
Collection name: Louis Justement papers, 1946-1968
Document location: Box 3 Folder 5 Item 20
Publication location:

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Editorial notes: See also Louis Justement's letter to the Commissioner of Patents and the the letter from an unknown party arguing that Justement's apartment house design is an original idea.
Description: The patent certificate issued by the Commissioner of Patents to Louis Justement on November 9, 1926. The certificate was issued to Justement for his design of new garden-style apartments. The United States patent office investigated whether Justement's design was in-fact original before issuing him the patent. The patent was issued to Louis Justment and his heirs for seventeen years from the date of issue.
Subjects: Justement, Louis, 1891-1968;; Patent Certificate;; Apartment House

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