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Title: Photo - Longworth House Office Building
Author: Unknown
Date: 00/00/0000


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Author: Unknown
Title: Photo - Longworth House Office Building
Date: 00/00/0000
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Document location: The Architect of the Capitol Website, http://www.aoc.gov/cc/cobs/lhob_1.cfm
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Description: Photo of the Longworth House Office Building, one of three buildings used by the House of Representatives. Overcrowding of the Cannon House Office building in the 1920s encouraged the government to start planning for an additional building in 1925. Allied Architects, where Louis Justement was a managing partner and vice-president of the board, won a contest to design the new building in 1929. The principal architects on the project, in additon to Justement, were Frank Upman, Gilbert LaCoste Rodier and Nathan Wyeth. The Longworth Building, the smallest of the three House of Representatives Buildings, was completed in 1933.
Subjects: Longworth House Office Building;; House of Representatives;; Justement, Louis, 1891-1968

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