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Title: Edmund Purves Letter to Louis Justement
Author: Purves, Edmund
Date: 03/20/1947

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Author: Purves, Edmund
Title: Edmund Purves Letter to Louis Justement
Date: 03/20/1947
Archive: Special Collections, Gelman Library, George Washington University
Collection name: Louis Justement Papers, 1946-1968
Document location: Box 1 Folder 3 Item 105
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Description: Letter from Edmund Purves, the Director of Public and Professional Relations for the American Institute of Architects, to Louis Justement asking him to reconsider a provision in some legislation that he drafted calling for Government ownership of land in metropolitan areas. In the letter Purves stresses that Government ownership of land is a radical idea and that the construction industry would not be happy with such legislation. He also reminds Justement that as Director of AIA and Chairman of the Urban Committee he needs to be careful what he says because people will automatically identify his ideas with that of the AIA as a whole.
Subjects: Purves, Edmund Randolph, 1897-1964;; Justement, Louis, 1891-1968;; land ownership

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