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Title: Replanning for Pennsylvania Avenue
Author: Wiebenson, John
Date: 12/00/1971

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Author: Wiebenson, John
Title: Replanning for Pennsylvania Avenue
Date: 12/00/1971
Archive: Special Collections, Gelman Library, George Washington University
Collection name: Committee of 100 on the Federal City, records (Part I)
Document location: Box 20 Folder 8 Item 3
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Editorial notes:
Description: A study of the Section of Pennsylvania Avenue Bordering the Federal Triangle. Proposed ideas for the use of various portions of Pennsylvania which would ultimately be controlled by the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation.
Subjects: Pennsylvania Avenue;; Jackson, Henry M.;; Mathias, Charles McC.;; Randolph, Jennings;; Gravel, Mike;; Aspinall, Wayne N.;; Gude, Gilbert;; Broyhill, Joel T.;;Wiebenson, John;;For Arts in the Community Environment;; America the Beautiful Fund;; Rhodes Tavern;; Willard Hotel;; Occidental Restaurant;; Old Evening Star Building;; Old Post Office

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