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Title: Explanation of the University name change for Columbian Alumni
Date: 06/00/1904

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Title: Explanation of the University name change for Columbian Alumni
Date: 06/00/1904
Archive: George Washington University Archives
Collection name: George Washington Memorial Association
Document location: Box 1 Folder 25 “Fundraising-The George Washington Memorial Association, 1898-1904”: Columbian University Bulletin, Vol. 3 No. 2 June 1904, Alumni Number
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Editorial notes:
Description: The 1904 Columbian University bulletin, Alumni Number, explains the reasoning behind the partnership with the George Washington Memorial Association. The text includes a section on "Washington's Policy of National Education," which examines several of Washington's writings that display his desire for a national university. The text claims that the George Washington University is being founded to satisfy the first President's wishes and that the University will become the "more perfect union" so much desired by Washington and by all patriotic men and women throughout the land.
Subjects: Columbian University;; George Washington University;; bulletin;; George Washington Memorial Association;; alumni;; correspondence;; letter;; Thomas Jefferson;; George Washington;; patriot;; Congress;; John Adams;; President;; national;; education

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