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Title: No Right to the Name
Author: Hoyt, John W.
Date: 06/27/1904

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Author: Hoyt, John W.
Title: No Right to the Name
Date: 06/27/1904
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Document location: The Washington Post, 06/27/1904, page 2
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Description: A June 27, 1904 article from The Washington Post that details the protest of John W. Hoyt, Chairman of the National University Committee to the changing of Columbian University's name to the George Washington University. Hoyt explains that talks were in progress to create a "true" national university and he resents Columbian's actions, accusing them of personal selfishness and local ambition, and calls the University unworthy of Washington's name.
Subjects: Washington Post;; John W. Hoyt;; Columbian University;; George Washington;; national university;; committee;; protest;; complaint;; no right to name

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