Rock Creek Park

Bibliographic Essay

Interested in learning more about the history of Rock Creek Park? One of the best resources for information on Rock Creek and other National Parks is the Department of the Interior Library located on the web by clicking HERE. This is the place to find primary documents about the federal government’s attempt to preserve the natural beauty of America.

Additional information can be found through the National Park Service culture and history site, or by checking out any of the resources shown below.

Bibliographic Citations

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A detailed history of Rock Creek Park created by the government institution responsible for its care. This document is available on the National Park Service website or by clicking HERE.

Spilsbury, Gail. Rock Creek Park. Baltimore: John's Hopkins University Press, 2003.

A rather short history of Rock Creek Park which focuses on the design and layout of the park. Spilsbury's book makes use of photography, making this a trend in work relating to Rock Creek Park.

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A massively researched and detailed history of Rock Creek sponsored by the National Park Service. It is available online at the National Park Service Website or by clicking HERE.